Reducing our carbon footprint. And yours.  - Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report 2022

Dana has 88 major facilities strategically located across 31 countries on six continents.

We’re committed to building a carbon-neutral supply chain and we work closely with suppliers to align their performance to meet our sustainability and social responsibility requirements — as reflected in our Supplier Standards of Business Conduct.

Reach your goals.

We know that our climate actions also impact your sustainability goals.

We therefore closely benchmark and monitor our supplier base to improve the sustainability performance across our supply chain — including the analysis of global Scope 3 GHG emissions.

We regularly score our suppliers based on several important attributes, including their ESG rating. We recognize that our performance, and the performance of our supply chain, is important to you and positively impacts your sustainability objectives.

Strategically located near you.

Because we operate near our customers all around the world, our global footprint shortens outbound delivery times, reduces the need for shipping, and enhances supply chain security. Our global team manages and tracks logistics across the entire supply chain. By optimizing our supply chain and the transportation required, we reduce our carbon footprint — and yours.

Setting standards.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) awarded Dana with a Certificate of Procurement Excellence. This made us the first automotive company globally, and the first company in North America, to be recognized with the CIPS Procurement Excellence Award.

Every decision counts.

We drive sustainability and social responsibility as a key part of every purchasing decision. Our systematic and integrated approach empowers suppliers to be engaged. This includes our detailed evaluation process analyzing key considerations such as quality, total cost of ownership, ESG, inclusion and diversity, and risk mitigation.

Investing in our people.

As part of our People Finding A Better Way culture, we are always focused on continuous improvement and talent development to ensure that our global purchasing team leverages best practices.

Policy action.

As a company with global operations, we support the sourcing of raw materials and components responsibly. Respect for basic human rights and dignity is a fundamental part of our culture. We commit to carrying out business responsibly, sustainably, and ethically.


Dana's Purchasing Decision Matrix