• Light Vehicle
    Dana offers high-quality automotive product solutions in three core areas of the vehicle – drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management systems. This lineup of technologies from one source is designed to offer flexibility to vehicle manufacturers around the world.
  • Commercial Vehicle
    Dana serves commercial vehicle customers worldwide via 40 facilities and five technical centers in 11 countries. We design, manufacture, and market a variety of commercial vehicle systems, modules, and services.
  • Off-Highway
    Dana’s Off-Highway Driveline Technologies business includes research and development, manufacturing, and assembly operations in Belgium, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 
  • Industrial
    For almost 70 years, Dana's trusted GWB brand has been recognized as the global standard for technical innovation.

Dana Holding Corporation

The Global Technology Leader
Wheeled transportation might be taken for granted today, but more than a century ago the idea of propelling carriages with motors instead of horses was nothing short of outlandish. The idea succeeded, though, thanks to the brilliance of inventors who embraced the increasingly mechanized world, the risk-taking of entrepreneurs who believed in its potential, and the business savvy of industrialists who scaled start-up ventures to large enterprises that propelled the whole industry forward.

Among those pioneers were the founders of Dana Holding Corporation – Clarence Spicer, Joseph Victor, Hugo Reinz, J.B. Long, and Charles Dana among them. Their initiative and ingenuity still drives Dana today in our mission to anticipate and address our customers’ needs with innovative solutions.


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