Spicer® PowerBoost® Hydraulic-Hybrid System


Each day, off-highway equipment buyers are searching for technologies that can reduce overall vehicle operating expenses. They’ll find this and more with the Spicer® PowerBoost® hydraulic-hybrid system – the ultimate in machine energy efficiency.

In making wise use of a vehicle’s excess energy, this advanced solution provides lower costs by reducing fuel expenses considerably. PowerBoost captures otherwise wasted energy and puts it to work in the vehicle.

Click here for a demonstration of the Spicer® PowerBoost® system.


  • Adaptable, scalable, modular design that fits into existing vehicle designs with minimal adaptation
  • Enables reduced engine sizes for power outputs ranging from 55 to 250 kW (74 to 335 hp)
  • Supports all transmission architectures
  • Minimizes idling, maintenance, emissions, and total ownership costs
  • Up to 40 percent fuel savings

Operating Modes

Dynamic Eco Mode
  • Optimizes balance of engine and hydraulic power
  • Engine operates at most efficient speed
  • Fuel savings of up to 40 percent
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower noise and vibration
  • Improved driver comfort

Power Mode
  • Engine and PowerBoost system work in tandem for maximum power
  • Machine peak-power increased by minimum of 25 kW
  • Enhanced acceleration performance
  • Maximum power for working tasks

Regenerative Braking Mode
  • Braking energy recaptured by PowerBoost system
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced emissions

Zero Emissions Mode
  • Machine operates on hydraulic energy from PowerBoost system only
  • Zero emissions
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Engine horometer stops

Stop/Start Mode
  • Engine shuts down automatically under extended idling
  • Restarts instantly on driver demand
  • Eliminates fuel consumption and emissions while machine otherwise would be idling
  • Engine horometer stops

System Components

  • Spicer® Hydrostatic Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)
  • Spicer® PowerBoost® Hub – mechatronic unit
  • Hydrostatic Motors
  • High-Pressure Cell
  • Low-Pressure Cell
  • Hydrostatic Pump
  • Engine


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