Victor Reinz® High-Temperature Gaskets


To ensure our high-temperature sealing systems deliver maximum durability to off-highway applications, Dana’s team of engineers develops advanced high-temperature gasket sealing solutions to keep emissions and temperatures under control. We continuously develop high-temperature products to ensure they hold strong against today’s high-performing engines and guard against stress, high temperatures and pressures, uneven loading, flange distortion, and motion.

Dana’s Xtreme® Plus gaskets consist of a perforated stainless steel core sheet coated on both sides with a fiber-reinforced mica layer that contains temperature-resistant fibers, augmented by high-grade elastomers to bind the elements together. Suitable for an array of exhaust systems and turbocharger gaskets, Xtreme Plus strengthens and protects engines in high-pressure situations.

The ThermoGlide® coating is designed to provide temperature resistance up to 650ºC in modern gasoline and diesel engines. Further, ThermoGlide 1000 withstands temperatures as high as 1,000ºC, offering a 25 percent improvement over the heat resistance of competitive coatings.


Our high-temperature gasket sealing components are constructed with: 

  • Flexible materials, like graphite or reinforced mica-on-core for high-temperature operation.
  • These materials can be metal encapsulated (Victofold™) to prevent extrusion and resist oxidation up to 800ºC - 850ºC (1,472ºF - 1,562ºF).
  • Varying grades of embossed metal alloys for multi-layer steel designs to suit different application temperatures.
  • Graphite filled rings wrap around a graphite-composite core, while retaining clips and internal tags allow gasket subassembly.
  • High-temperature, high-performance coatings.

Quick Facts

  • Designed for all ranges of high-temperature joints in off-highway vehicles and equipment
  • Port-to-port expansion system with linkage for system flexibility
  • Topographic bead design options improve overall efficiency

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