Long® Engine-Mounted Engine Oil Coolers


The Long® engine-mounted engine oil cooler is a Dana thermal-management product that improves engine performance and durability by providing superior cooling properties to effectively reduce thermal load. This oil cooler is commonly used on high-speed diesel, gasoline, or flex fuel engines for off-highway vehicles and equipment needing engine oil cooling capacity. The design also works well for newer, more efficient engines requiring engine-mounted oil coolers.


Mounted directly onto the engine block, oil leaves the engine and enters the oil cooler prior to circulating, exiting, and re-entering the engine. The cold fluid can be routed to the heat exchanger from the radiator circuit through flexible lines, or it can be fed directly into the heat exchanger from the engine block. This eliminates the need for additional lines.

Quick Facts

  • For use on high-speed engines and more efficient engines requiring engine oil cooling capacity
  • Each engine-mounted engine oil cooler is tailored to application type
  • Superior performance in lowering and controlling the engine oil’s operating temperature

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