On April 1, 2010, Dana launched AccessHR, the employee portal that replaced the myhr.dana.com url for the web.  We encourage everyone to replace the former myhr.dana.com address or other bookmarks with the new AccessHR address.

Accessing from within Dana's network?

You can only access the entire AccessHR site from within the Dana network by clicking the following:

Continue to the new internal AccessHR site

If you have reached this page from the internet, the continue button above will not work due to its location inside Dana's network. Once inside of Dana's network, you can access the AccessHR website from the MyDana portal home page.

Accessing from the internet from home or a public computer?

From outside the Dana network, you can only view your pay and perform employee/manager transactions by clicking the following:

A user id and password will be required to access the site.

Need help accessing the site?

If you have difficulty locating the AccessHR site or are unable to log in, please contact the Dana I.T. Service Desk at 1.877.689.1234 (domestic) or 1.419.482.2020 (international). The service desk is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.