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Dana Delivers Best-In-Class Axle Efficiency

The mobility industry continues to push for innovations that improve fuel efficiency and reduce overall emissions.  While many car manufacturers have looked to engines and transmissions for these improvements, they have largely overlooked other areas, such as drivelines. 

Dana engineers looked at axle design differently and introduced a breakthrough solution that far exceeds the efficiency and performance of anything currently on the market, setting a new benchmark for best-in-class axle efficiency – a full 30 percent better.

Dana’s ultra-efficient AdvanTEK® axle system was specifically designed to address energy losses related to oil churning and gear and bearing friction. The team’s axle design achieves a substantial 45 percent reduction in energy loss compared with a typical axle, as measured by the World Harmonized Light-Vehicle Test Procedure Drive Cycle and helps to deliver an approximately 2 percent fuel economy improvement across all torques, speeds, and temperatures. These achievements come without sacrificing durability and noise, vibration, and harshness performance, the mainstays of any axle’s harsh existence.

This new axle technology is especially beneficial in all-wheel-drive applications, which remain in high demand among consumers. 

Typically, when selecting an AWD vehicle over a two-wheel drive vehicle, consumers lose fuel economy, but by utilizing Dana’s AdvanTEK® technology with a disconnect, Dana has helped automakers minimize the impact by bringing the AWD vehicles’ fuel consumption to similar levels of a non-AWD vehicle.

Best-in-class axle efficiency

Product Safety and Quality

In today’s global marketplace, sustainability and technological advancement are mutually achievable initiatives for supporting economic development and an improved quality of life. Dana is delivering technologies that enhance the stability, mobility, and maneuverability of today’s vehicles. The quality of our products is of utmost importance. All necessary safety measures must be taken in connection with the design, manufacture, and distribution of Dana products. Dana’s quality management system, including product safety and field action process, must be followed by all Dana employees and operations.

Dana is committed to meeting all customer and industry quality requirements and has secured IATF 16949 and/or ISO 9001 quality certifications, as appropriate to each facility. Our teams have a strong functional expertise and operate under a common global Quality Operating System (QOS), which has been established to reinforce customer and industry requirements, implement best practices, and ensure continuous improvement.

Dana’s functional safety standards are aligned to meet the requirements for ISO 26262 across the light-vehicle, commercial-vehicle, and off-highway markets. 

In the future, ISO 26262 will need to be applied to all the parts related to vehicle movement, rather than individual motion sub-systems. Dana has already begun to think about how research and development work will need to meet the challenges of functional safety even before new regulations have been developed.

Dana’s Spicer® Smart Suite™ intelligent load monitoring system (ILMS) for telehandlers and aerial work platforms uses patented and proprietary data-collecting technologies across the vehicle to prevent tip-over incidents, estimate static loads, and supply intelligent calibration management. The technology is designed to alert the operator of potential tipping situations, reduce the risk of vehicle breakdowns, improve productivity and precision, and enhance the long-term durability of powertrain systems. 

Spicer Smart Suite ILMS transforms the axle frame into an active system that uses highly integrated electronics and intelligent algorithms to improve performance and enhance safety.

When correct tire inflation is automatically maintained in linehaul trucking, the life of tires is extended by up to 15 percent, providing increased safety and mobility for drivers. Dana effectively meets this need of the linehaul trucking industry with the Spicer® optimized tire pressure management system. It is designed to give the driver complete control over tire pressures. At the push of a button, the driver can select empty or full load and either highway or emergency mode to accommodate all linehaul trucking operations, eliminating the need for manual tire-pressure checks.

Dana has introduced the Spicer® SmartConnect™ disconnecting AWD technology. Improving the fuel efficiency of SUVs, crossovers, and passenger vehicles, Spicer SmartConnect technology helps global vehicle manufacturers address evolving emissions regulations while maintaining the safety and control that are key advantages for AWD vehicles. The system configures the drivetrain to work in fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive mode for the vast majority of driving conditions and engages AWD mode only as needed.

Product Design and Function

Dana engineers are taking on some of the automotive industries toughest challenges to design products that offer maximum strength and durability while helping to achieve sustainability objectives, such as improved fuel efficiency, lightweighting, and emissions reduction.
Dana Receives Ford Green Pillar Award

Dana earned the Green Pillar Award from Ford Motor Company which is presented to top supplier parent companies that demonstrate excellence in the delivery of fuel-efficient technologies in support of Ford’s drive to become a global leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible products. Dana was one of four companies selected to receive the award, amoung thousands of Ford suppliers globally.

Dana has a sophisticated understanding of energy needs surrounding hybrid and electric vehicles. The company’s thermal management systems apply to a wide variety of battery pack designs, allowing vehicle designers to rest secure knowing the cell temperature is constrained within a narrow window. Optimum temperatures help to ensure a safe and efficient battery pack. The team also supplies bi-polar plates for the support of fuel cell vehicles to maximize efficiency and minimizing impact.  

Dana is optimizing the weight of its products by using process that help to place materials only where it is need. Nextrusion™ hollow shaft technologies are known for their light tubular design, optimized cross-section, and superior tuning for stiffness and weight.The Nextrusion cold extrusion process delivers a variable wall tubing with superior strength where it is needed, along with considerable weight savings (up to 35 precent) when compared with traditional manufacturing options. 

Emissions Reduction
Reduced-emission internal combustion engines are critical to clean urban environments. Air-oil separation technologies remove small particles of oil within the crankcase ventilation system, preventing their combustion and instead, delivering them back to the oil pump. This efficient system improves oil usage and reduces emissions.