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Dana in India Reaches 10 Million-Hour Safety Milestone

Dana India accepts award for 10 million working hours without lost time

Safety is a critical part of Dana’s culture and remains the first and most important priority for the company’s teams across the globe. Dana’s people were recently recognized for their work in Chakan, India, where they achieved 10 million working hours without a lost-time incident.

In addition to achieving this milestone, the team was honored by receiving the 2017 Shrestha Suraksha Puraskar (silver trophy and certificate) safety award at the National Safety Council India Safety Awards in New Dehli. 

The award was presented to Dana by the Minister of State with independent charge in the Ministry of Labor and Employment in the Government of India. 

Dana’s commitment to safety is built on a strong community environment at Chakan, which helps reinforce the importance of a safe work environment. Employees are quick to acknowledge that safety is their first priority.

Workplace Safety

Dana is committed to the safety of its employees. Our vision for workplace safety is “Safety First: All Day Every Day.” This vision is guided by our safety policy, which applies to all employees, visitors, and contractors working at our sites. We believe in providing a safe working environment for all stakeholders and are committed to continuous improvement in our occupational health and safety performance. Dana’s safety policy provides organizational commitments that are core to our business focus on safety as committed by the highest levels of our organization.
As a part of its safety focus, Dana recently began requiring all manufacturing facilities to achieve certification to the health and safety standard ISO 45001 or equivalent.  Facilities have made commitments to meet these requirements over the next few years.

Dana ensures its targets for safety are being met by auditing safety standards and performance. We conduct periodic safety assessments at all locations and share results with local leadership teams. The local leadership team addresses all deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Health and Wellness

Dana believes in the wellness of our people and the foundation for an effective wellness initiative is participation.  Being aware of one’s health status and the risks is empowering and crucial on the journey to improving overall well being. 

Dana provides opportunities throughout the year to keep employees engaged in their personal health journey and in driving people toward healthy outcomes. Each year, Dana employees are asked to participate in health evaluations as part of annual enrollment for healthcare benefits.

In 2017, Dana was named one of the Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health, a leading wellness provider of health management solutions for the workplace. The criteria for this award is based on data from individual health evaluations and includes: a participation rate of 70 percent or more; at least 40 percent of high-risk individuals migrating to a lower-risk category; at least 42 percent of moderate-risk individuals improving health status; and a low aggregate company health score.  

Individuals must choose their path to overall well being, and Dana recognizes that one size does not fit all. Therefore, a variety of engagement opportunities throughout the year are available. These include monthly wellness activities, vendor support, education, and access to personal health coaches. Dana also offers tools to empower employees to be smarter healthcare consumers and provides incentives for participating in preventive care.  

These opportunities address the individual approach to personal health and well being. Dana continues to evolve and increase opportunities to proactively connect and engage employees in overall well being.  Breaking down barriers and building a culture of wellness will lead to healthier outcomes.

Employee Development

Dana believes that the individual should have a major role in their development at both a professional and personal level. Dana offers on-demand eLearning programs through its training platform, Dana SkillPort and it also provides instructor-led, in-person, programs such as Leadership Foundations and First-line Supervisor programs intended for soon-to-be leaders, new leaders, and new-to-Dana leaders. For more experienced managers, 360 assessment and coaching programs are available.

Dana SkillPort also has eLearning programs for non-managers to enhance professional and personal growth, as well as online and in-person programs covering inclusion, increasing self-awareness, language, culture, and mentoring programs so that all Dana people can contribute their best. 

Dana encourages employees to participate in employee-created resource groups to enhance the company’s ability to attract, retain, and develop employees of varied backgrounds. The groups are employee-led initiatives with the mission to inspire growth and innovation and foster diversity for all employees. Groups include: African American Resource Group, Dana Women’s Network (DAWN), LGBTA, Green Team, and New to Dana (NTD).
Dana's Employee Resource Group logos

All of these approaches and programs address the various needs and learning styles of Dana people to better understand Dana’s values and provide an environment for professional growth and interpersonal behaviors that help create the high-performance, inclusive, collaborative, and engaged culture Dana continuously strives for.


Pamplona, Spain

Dana hosted children on a facility tour for a lesson in workplace safety. Equipped with safety glasses, shoes, and vests, the children were taken to stations throughout the plant and shown how Dana focuses on the safety of its people. Parents were even able to show their children the steps they take to stay safe every single day.

Gravatai, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

Dana’s team in Brazil was recently recognized as one of the Best Companies for Disabled Workers by the government of the state of São Paulo. The award recognizes 15 large companies in Brazil for their practices of employability for workers with disabilities. The team at Dana Brazil launched a social inclusion project at Dana’s Gravataí facility. The 800-hour program trains students from 18 to 45 years in subjects such as etiquette, expedition, quality, and safety, and provides them a 440-hour practical internship. This approach is aimed to promote social and economic inclusion in a sustainable way for people with disabilities, helping to further the important value they bring to society.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Dana was one of three companies globally to be recognized by Rockwell Automation with its Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award. The award recognizes outstanding safety programs based on factors that include fostering a strong safety culture, maintaining well-executed compliance procedures, and the effectively utilizing contemporary safeguarding and automation technology through capital investments.