Terms and Conditions

The below purchase Terms and Conditions apply to purchases made by a Dana operation in the listed country, regardless of the country from which the goods are manufactured or shipped, or services supplied.  If supplier and Dana Incorporated or any of Dana’s affiliated entities (collectively “Dana”) have entered into a specific supply agreement executed by both supplier and Dana, the below purchase Terms and Conditions shall not govern to the extent such supply agreement is expressly intended to supersede the below purchase Terms and Conditions.

North America
Canada (English)
Mexico (English) (Español)   
United States (English)
South America
Argentina (English) (Español)
Brazil (English) (Portugues)
Columbia (English) (Español)
Ecuador (English) (Español)

Australia (English)
China (English) (中文)
India (English) 
Japan (English) (日本語)
Taiwan (English) (标准普通话)
Thailand (English) (ไทย)
Belgium (English) (Dutch)
France (English) (Francais)
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Italy (English) (Italia)
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South Africa (English)
United Kingdom (English)