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Christophe Dominiak

Christophe Dominiak was born in France and has worked in the field of research and development for more than 30 years across a variety of industries. He currently serves as senior vice president and chief technology officer for Dana. In this role, Christophe leads Dana’s core products, industrial, and manufacturing engineering strategy, including the execution of the company’s enterprise strategy in the areas of commercialization of new technologies and acceleration of electrification and hybridization.

Christophe joined Dana in early 2016 as vice president of global off-highway engineering. Before joining Dana, he was deputy chief technology officer for Hutchinson, a global automotive and aerospace supplier in Paris. He also held a variety of strategic positions, including senior director of electronics engineering and purchasing, managing director of electronic assess systems, and vice president of security systems for Valeo. In addition, Christophe served as R&D chief engineer and program director at Rockwell in Paris and held engineering roles at both Webasto and Corning Inc.

During his time at Corning Inc., Christophe finalized his master thesis and developed a true passion for research and innovation. When he joined Rockwell, he gained his first true U.S. experience in the Science Center based in California. From there, his career enabled him to travel the world and be part of many different academic institutions where he served as an academic chairperson and participated in several boards for business innovation incubators.

Christophe earned a master’s degree in material specialization from the prestigious Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris where he also studied fundamental physics and mechanics, chemistry, electronics, and material science. In addition, he earned both an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree in physics from Rouen University.