Dana India Technical Center

Dana India Technical Center

World-class expertise at a local level

The Dana India Technical Center, Pune, plays a leading role in our global growth, harnessing local engineering talent and marketing expertise. With more than 240 employees, we design, develop, and validate axles, driveshafts, sealing, and thermal management products for commercial-vehicle, light- vehicle, and off-highway markets inside this 8000 sq-m (90,000 sq-ft) state-of-the-art facility. Our fully integrated engineering and testing center features a 3400 sq-m (36,597 sq-ft) lab where we analyze and validate our latest innovations for this rapidly growing region.

Dana India Technology Center      

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Fatigue Test Lab: 

  • Dynamometer

Dynamometer Test Facility     Dynamometer Test Facility

  • Rotary Test

Rotary Test Bench DITC

  • Linear Test Benches

Linear Test Benches Facility

Materials Engineering: Failure analysis by fractography and metallography examination to understand failure mode and suggest appropriate solution for improvement. Material and Heat Treatment parameters design. Manufacturing Process development and Audit.

Fracture Analysis Facility

Advanced instrumentation capabilities include Scanning Electron Microscope, Automated Metallography, Spectroscopy and Microscopy.

Instrumentation Capabilities

NVH Lab: Instrument capabilities include accelerometers, impact hammers, microphones and LMS SCADAS data acquisition. Measurement capabilities include modal testing of propeller shaft and LV axles, as well as in vehicle NVH measurement.

Road Load Data Acquisition Lab: Universal eDAQ data acquisition system with 48 channels and a maximum sample rate of 10khz per channel; works with any type of sensor; user friendly, designed for field usage; measures strain, displacement, pressure, vibration, speed, CAN data etc; connects with LAN camera for simultaneous video recording of road profile.

Instrumentation Capabilities: Torque telemetry system, accelerometers with +50g dynamic capacity, draw wire displacement sensor, laser non-contact displacement sensor, dual-axis digital inclinometer, strain, linear, XY, shear and rosette gauges, RPM meter.

Analysis Capabilities: Track time and frequency, accelerated durability, fatigue life estimates, correlation and duty cycles, and block cycles for fatigue with dyno testing.

Awards & Recognitions

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Three-Year Test Facility Accreditation: Awarded from Dana Light Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Driveline Products groups. 

DITC Certification Test Lab