Guidelines for Employee and Retiree Matching Gift Requests

Your Gift Can Have Greater Impact!
That’s right. Your gift to the college, university, or school of your choice can make a greater impact through the Dana Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts Program. What’s more; it’s easy to do.

What Institutions Qualify?
Any accredited university, college, community college, public or private school, or vocational school in the United States to which tax-deductible gifts may be made is eligible to receive matching gifts under the program.

Gifts made to special funds, associations, or foundations that are associated with or sponsored by qualified institutions will be matched, provided that the ultimate use of the gift qualifies as being tax deductible under federal laws. However, such matches must receive approval from the Dana Charitable Foundation board of directors.

Gifts to booster clubs and other such organizations affiliated with an institution but without an educational purpose, and the payment of alumni dues, tuition, or fees do not qualify for matching funds.

How Much Can Be Matched?
The Foundation will match 50 percent of donations made to accredited educational institutions. The minimum donation per application that qualifies for a match is $100 (matched at
$50). The maximum total gift or combination of gifts which will be matched per individual is $5,000 (matched at $2,500) per calendar year. Only one match per person per institution will be made in a given calendar year; however, The Foundation will continue to match gifts to other qualified educational institutions until the maximum $5,000 of giving ($2,500 match) is met per individual.

Non-cash gifts (stocks, bonds, personal and real property) will qualify for cash matches based on their verified fair market value on the date the gift was made. Only gifts actually made (not merely pledged) will be matched. The request for a matching gift must be received by the Dana Charitable Foundation within 12 months of the date the gift was made.

Who Can Participate In The Program?
The Dana Charitable Foundation will match qualified gifts of all full-time employees of Dana Incorporated and its domestic subsidiaries. Directors of Dana Incorporated and retirees who were eligible employees at the time of retirement can also participate. Gifts, in order to be matched, can be made only by the employee, director, or retiree, and not by a spouse, relative or other household member.

How You Can Participate.
If you wish to be considered for a matching gift from the Dana Charitable Foundation, simply enter the required information on the Foundation portal ( An automatic email will be sent to verify your eligibility to participate in the matching gifts program and an email will be sent to your sponsored accredited educational institution to certify the date and amount of your donation.

Requests for Matching Gifts must be received by the Dana Charitable Foundation within 12 months of the date the gift was made. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact