Inclusion and Diversity

Dana’s Vision Statement is to create a diverse, worldly organization attracting and fostering great people whose perspectives are heard and valued.

We are continuously building on our diverse strengths to further cultivate a strong, inclusive work environment. Company initiatives are defined and developed with the intent of embracing diversity and inclusion while enhancing the cultural competence of the workforce globally.

At Dana, our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) exist to enhance Dana's ability to attract, retain, and develop employees of varied backgrounds. These BRGs are executive leadership-supported, employee-led initiatives with the mission to inspire growth and innovation and foster diversity for all employees.

African American Resource Group (AARG)
AARG’s vision is to make Dana an employer of choice for diverse candidates and employees who align with a tradition of superior innovation and technology. The AARG mission is to support the company in building a legacy of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration that goes beyond individual differences. The group supports the development of a strong pipeline of African-American talent and actively encourages an environment that promotes diversity in our recruitment, development, and retention initiatives.

Dana Women’s Network (DAWN)
DAWN's vision is to support Dana’s efforts to be a global technology leader by attracting and developing a diverse workforce, enabling a legacy of innovative leadership. DAWN promotes professional networking and career development opportunities through mentoring, education and philanthropy for women across varying experience levels. DAWN aspires to support future business growth by making community connections and influencing the next generation of Dana employees.

LGBT+A’s vision is to create an inclusive and safe work environment that allows employees to bring their full selves to work. The purpose of the group is to focus on recruitment and retention, creating a positive and supportive work environment, helping to deliver on Dana’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. LGBT+A’s mission is to build a diverse leadership pipeline while engaging all employees at Dana.

Live Green
The Green Team’s vision is to create a culture of environmentally conscious employees who consider their impact on the environment with every action. The Green Team’s mission is to increase employees’ awareness of the impact on the environment and promote/sponsor initiatives to minimize Dana’s ecological footprint, aligning with Dana’s core value of being a good corporate citizen.

New to Dana (NTD) NTD stands for New to Dana. The mission of NTD is to provide a networking group of motivated and energetic colleagues for those who are new to Dana through networking, professional development and community involvement opportunities. NTD presents an opportunity to become an active member in solving challenges that can arise from being acclimated into the Dana culture-- thus embracing the “One Dana” philosophy.