Long® Remote-Mounted Engine Oil Coolers


Dana’s engine thermal-management products offer superior cooling properties to reduce thermal load for improved performance and durability. This type of design is normally mounted remotely from the engine block. It is well suited to applications where additional oil cooling is required over the original design intent of the vehicle, such as increased trailer tow, large engine displacements, and racing applications. To provide greater flexibility, there are two types of designs and mounting strategies in this class of engine oil coolers. 

Mounted Directly in an Air Stream

Cooling occurs by passing hot oil through the cooler via fluid lines coming from the engine and ambient air passing through the core of the oil cooler. In most cases, these are mounted in front of the radiators.

Liquid-to-Liquid Remote Oil Cooler

Engine oil and coolant are both fed to the oil cooler via fluid lines coming from the oil and coolant circuits, respectively. This design can be mounted anywhere there is room to package it under the hood.  

Quick Facts

  • Provides superior performance in lowering and controlling the oil’s operating temperature
  • For use on most vehicle applications, large displacement engines, and racing or high-speed applications
  • Each remote-mounted oil cooler is tailored to application type

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