Long® Filter-Mounted Engine Oil Coolers


Dana’s engine thermal-management products, including Long® filter-mounted engine oil coolers, reduce thermal load to increase durability, which improves and extends engine life and performance. 

Mounted with a hollow bolt between the engine block and the oil filter, this oil cooler is designed to provide additional engine cooling when design restricts room for a heat exchanger.


First, oil leaves the engine and enters the oil cooler, where it circulates, exits, and then enters the oil filter.  The oil is then filtered and returns to the engine through the hollow mounting bolt.   Cold fluid (cooled water/glycol) comes from the radiator circuit.  Optimal performance is achieved when the cold fluid is taken from the exit side of the radiator. 

Quick Facts

  • For use on most vehicle applications, including trucks or SUVs that come with a factory installed trailer towing package
  • Designed to be mounted onto the engine block through an adaptor with a hollow bolt
  • Each filter-mounted engine oil cooler is tailored to application type

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