Victor Reinz® Insulated and Damped Heat Shields


To realize greater fuel efficiency and performance, Dana always seeks to meet specific needs in developing shielding systems with technologically advanced materials. Compliant with the latest automotive emissions regulations, highly efficient Victor Reinz® insulated and damped heat shields provide protection for engine and exhaust system components, with a Dana-specified center layer and metal outer layers. Our heat shields last longer to protect engines better.


The center layer of our insulated and damped heat shields is designed to offer outstanding thermal protection and damping for extreme temperature applications. The high damping value allows us to specify thinner metal layers while still offering outstanding durability. This helps reduce mass by up to 40 percent compared to conventional metal heat shields. The shield features fully hemmed edges to protect worker and technician safety. The hemmed edges also contain the insulation for the life of the shield and stiffen the outer edge. 

Quick Facts

  • Outstanding thermal protection even when the shield has aged
  • High damping value contributes to improved durability 
  • 40 percent mass reduction possible


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