VariGlide® Planetary Variator

Dana VariGlide CVP Technology

VariGlide® is completely scalable across all vehicle platforms.

Dana VariGlide Flexibility

Dana's VariGlide® technology is bringing higher performance to beltless CVTs

Dana’s innovative new concept for the light-vehicle market, VariGlide® planetary variator technology, is revolutionizing traditional transmissions. Featuring a unique planetary configuration in combination with conventional gearing, the VariGlide concept is an optimal solution for OEMs to meet future fuel efficiency targets and emissions regulations on a variety of light vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, CUVs, and pickup trucks. Incorporated into the existing packaging space of a standard automatic transmission, VariGlide technology is an enhanced alternative to dual clutch transmissions, multi-speed automatics, and conventional belt CVTs.

Main Benefits:

  • 10 percent improved fuel economy over belt CVTs
  • Greater durability than belt CVTs
  • Exceptional drivability and smooth shifting
  • FWD, RWD, and AWD applications
  • Responsive engine operation
  • Reduced engine wear and complexity
  • Improved NVH

Planetary Variator Configuration

VariGlide technology provides unparalleled powerpath flexibility through a unique variator design configuration. A set of spinning balls is fitted between an input disc, driven by the engine, and an output disc, which transfers power from the variator to the drive axle. As power enters the input disc, the balls shift on their axes and change contact ratios, depending on engine demands and controller input. This allows the VariGlide variator to provide shifting that is smooth, fast, and controlled.

Torque Transfer

To efficiently transfer torque, a thin layer of traction fluid flows between the balls. This traction fluid becomes momentarily rigid, allowing the torque to transfer between the balls and discs without slipping. With numerous powerpaths and no abrupt ratio changes, VariGlide technology provides an infinite number of gear ratios for improved shifting, driver comfort, and even greater efficiency when compared to automatic transmissions and CVTs.

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