Flexible Coupling Joints

Spicer® Flexible Coupling Joints

Spicer® flexible coupling joints are ideal for small and large SUVs in addition to the complete range of pickup trucks with torque capacities from 2,300 – 3,500 Nm. Flexible coupling joints are engineered specifically for use with a rigid beam axle and no angle tolerance. With a premium rubber end-fitting, the flexible coupling joint provides additional impact and shock absorption when paired with independent front suspension configurations. The propshaft is fixed in place to prevent angular misalignment.

Features and Benefits

  • Torque capacities from 2,300 – 3,500 Nm
  • Dampens drivetrain disturbances 
  • Prevents angular misalignment
  • Easy assembly
  • Ideal for small SUVs and full-size pickup trucks
  • RWD passenger or sport car applications

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